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New Year, New You – Start the New Year with a New Career

Make your new year all new for you by beginning your training for a new career. There are many paths to success. You can achieve your goals so long as you plan ahead and keep moving forward, one step at a time. We have a few ideas here to get you started with your plans for 2015.

Make Your Dream Career Reality

Dreams are pretty interesting. They have an ephemeral quality. As much as you try to remember dreams, they have a unique way of just disappearing – unless you take some immediate action to write them down. The same can be said for your dream career. Once you know which career you want to pursue, that dream will only materialize if you take concrete steps to make it reality for you. Here are three important steps to take now, to begin your journey in this new year, 2015.

Step 1. Your New Career – The first step is to decide which career you would like to pursue. To winnow down your options to the few that you feel will fit your personality, your skills and your desires. There are a multitude of choices and this may make you feel a bit overwhelmed. However, there is an amazing resource website that may help. The U. S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics website provides important facts about a range of career choices. This website offers you the latest reports and statistics about various occupations, helping you identify the opportunities that are available. Learn about wages, geographic locations, broad industry facts and specific, detailed facts about occupations in the private and government/public sector. Once you have narrowed down your career choices, it is time to look at career preparation and education.

Step 2. Your Online Degree – For many people, getting an online degree is an accessible and affordable choice. Before signing up for any program, it is important to know whether the program is accredited and meets your academic standards. Vatterott College offers quality, accredited online programs.

Step 3. Consider Trade School – Trade schools, where you learn by doing, may be an excellent choice, especially for careers in construction or other mechanical occupations. Many trade schools also offer externship opportunities.

New Year, New You

Get started now, by doing your research, narrowing your focus, and finding out career details at the BLS website so you can determine what education or training is required for success in your chosen career. Planning now makes all the difference that allows you to start preparing for a new career in 2015.





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