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Choosing a Career That’s Right for You in 2015

Open up your future in 2015 by searching for opportunities and finding a new career that’s right for you. This new beginning is an excellent time to review and reconsider where you are at in your work life. There’s no reason not to look at different career options, especially when there are so many ways to change your path and expand your reach.

New Career

Finding a new career is a popular topic, addressed frequently in the media at the start of a new year. Information about a variety of careers is compiled by credible sources, such as the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics (“BLS”). This site contains information based on real statistics from the current job market. By researching potential career choices that appeal to you and your personal interests, you can narrow down the field before you take the next step toward choosing your new career.

For example, the BLS has created a list of the fastest growing occupations. This list is dominated by career in the areas of health care and technology and includes salary and expected job growth figures.

Choosing a Career

When you begin choosing a career, make a short list of your needs, wants, and dreams. Include things like ease of entry, available jobs, pay and salary rates, growth prospects, and what would make the new job satisfactory to you. Write down your current skills and experience, so you can eventually determine what else you need to learn to transition into your desired new career.

New Degree

Even if you are currently skilled in a field, it may be necessary to obtain additional training to pursue your new career. You may not need to spend four years at a university. Many people get the knowledge they need through online job training and degree programs. This may allow you to make progress towards your new career while retaining your current position.


Many online training centers offer comprehensive programs providing training in a variety of popular careers. For example, Vatterott College offers programming in nine broad career categories. Some classes are offered on-ground; others are available online.

Choosing a career that’s right for you in 2015 may mean exciting changes that bring you greater opportunities. There’s no better time to examine this option than today; start now while the year is fresh and you are motivated to consider an upgrade in your career.

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