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Tips for Replicating the Best Hairstyles from the Grammys

The Grammys, like other celebrity extravaganzas, provide more than a chance to watch famous people. They also give viewers plenty of inspiration for clothing, hair styles, cosmetics, and accessories. This year’s hair styles were highly varied, and some are easy to replicate at home. Other styles might get you thinking about regional hair schools since they clearly take more know-how to do properly. Here are some of the top styles that were seen:

Long Hair

While some of the musicians went with complex styles, Beyonce chose an old standby: Long, flowing tresses. Ariana Grande went with the ponytail variant, and Nicki Manaj had a fairly straight, sideswept mid-length do.

One of the important tricks to a long, flowing hairstyle is treating the hair properly. For those whose hair is naturally straight, this is as easy as choosing the right shampoo and conditioner. Alas, most people naturally have waves or curlier hair, so they need to straighten it to get it to perform properly in a long style. Straighteners are hard on hair, so extra conditioner and oil treatments are needed to keep treated locks from breaking.

Bleaching and Strong Coloring

Many Grammy attendees sported bleached hair, while Katy Perry went with a lavender-colored hairdo. Both of these effects start with bleaching the hair’s natural color until it’s gone or nearly gone. Then, any desired colors are added to the whitened hair for the final appearance. If the hair is to be left white, no additional color is needed.

The success of an extreme bleach job depends mostly on the original color of the hair. Light to medium hair colors will bleach all the way up to white, but hair that starts out black or dark brown will almost always end up yellow instead. Therefore, those who like the bleached look should be sure their hair is able to lighten to the desired level before going forward.


Gwen Stefani sported a short, bleached updo that many people will likely find hard to duplicate. The trick is to use a product that holds the hair in position without making it look too fake and lacquered. Another important factor is having an artistic eye. Professional hairstylists don’t just have this artistic eye by chance. They develop it, and their techniques, by going to hair school.

To learn more about how to think of and create artistic hairstyles, sign up for some beauty school programs. These programs will explain important factors like how a hair style works with face shape to produce the perfect overall effect. Of course, they also teach exactly how to get the hair to do what is desired.

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