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How You Can Be an Innovative Employee

Once you have determined which career you want to pursue, it is time to lay out some plans for entering, succeeding at, and progressing along that career path. You can decide which career fits your skills, personality and personal objectives through testing, counseling and entry-level jobs in that chosen area of employment. Once you have the necessary skills and experience, becoming an innovative employee is an excellent way to move up in your chosen career.

Career College

You are not alone if you decide to improve your skills by attending a career college. The U.S. Department of Education reports that approximately 44 percent of American adults are seeking to improve their job skills by taking continuing education courses. Some people just want to learn and meet other adults, while others are dedicated to improving their job skills or preparing to switch careers. Enroll in a traditional university degree program, take vocational classes, study for a professional certification or take independent classes. Career colleges typically offer courses that help people learn and improve various job skills through basic training and advanced or specialized studies.


You can earn postsecondary diplomas in person or online, depending on your choice of educational institution. Combining both online and onground learning is also typically an option. These programs are popular because you may be able to obtain a needed set of skills in less time than it takes to earn an associate or bachelors degree. Learning better job skills is an excellent way to open the door to career advancement. Many employers want their employees to continue their education and may help with tuition costs, or offer flexible schedules that allow you to attend career classes.

Associates Degrees

Options for earning an associate degree are increasing, thanks to organizations like Vatterott Educational Centers, Inc. This career college offers multiple land-based locations, as well as online programs and other continuing education opportunities. Learn new career skills by taking programs in the fields of: Business, Technical, Legal, Medical, Trades, Dental, Personal Fitness, Cosmetology, Veterinary and more. Completion of each course improves your job skills and may increase your value as an employee.

As you add to your education and job skills, become a more innovative employee by following a few simple rules:

  • Get Organized – stop wasting time on emails and texting; focus on your job duties
  • Limit Multi-tasking – focus on getting one job at a time done well
  • Empathize with your boss – take time to learn what they want and need from an employee
  • Build relationships with company leaders – associate with winners and learn how they became valued team members
  • Become a great listener to others at work – you can learn a lot this way
  • Go the extra mile to perform – get to work early, do your research and preparation
  • Do not over-promote yourself
  • Take some real time off and relax when you can

Be innovative by learning new job skills and applying them creatively on the job. As your boss notices, your path to advancement should become smoother.


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