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Emerging Business News

Every era has had its share of new business opportunities, but the modern age has pushed this cycle to ever-faster speeds. Now, a multi-million-dollar opportunity doesn’t have to involve the invention of an entirely new technology. Instead, a new use of an existing one can catapult an owner to riches or revolutionize an industry. Here are some recent top headlines and ideas that give a good overview of what types of businesses are currently gaining attention – and money.

Alibaba Values Snapchat at $15 Billion

According to The Wall Street Journal Online, Alibaba Group Holding of Beijing has invested $200 million in Snapchat, but the deal shows that it believes that the entire company is worth a whopping $15 billion. This proves that internet companies that deal with facilitating interpersonal communication are still going strong. Even so, making money in this arena takes more than setting up a generic social media site. The high-value companies have all put some sort of unique twist on the idea.

Brent Crude Oil Price Rises at the Expense of WTI

While it could be said that all hugely profitable industries have been revolutionary in some way, several of these businesses did their revolutionizing long ago. Now, it’s hard to imagine a life without oil, but that doesn’t mean that the oil industry is stable. Prices go up and down for a number of factors, and in this case, says that worries about a weakened retail industry are behind the pricing fluctuations.

Traveling Salons Predicted to Become Big

Business News Daily predicts that traveling beauty salons are likely to be a hit in the upcoming years. This rosy outlook is based on the idea that aging Baby Boomers won’t want to give up salon service as they get too old to regularly travel to their usual stylists. Therefore, companies that are willing to go to the customers’ locations should find a ready supply of customers.

What Does it Take to Succeed at Business?

Each industry requires some form of industry-specific knowledge, but there are also plenty of things that every businessperson should know. Even though some entrepreneurs learn them through the School of Hard Knocks, it’s better and often easier to learn them at a local school like Vatterott College. There, you can take a small business marketing course, get CMA certification, learn about economics and accounting, and add on other essential courses in business. With this foundation, it will be much easier to make a new business successful or get onto an existing company’s team. Thanks to online business programs, you won’t even have to worry about traveling to a distant campus to get a great foundation to work from.

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